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FS Vintage Ideal Shirley Temple Doll02/12/14
  Vintage Ideal Shirley Temple Doll
Shipping is extra/Il. res pay 9.25% sales tax. Paypal or postal money order. Shipping only in the Continental USA. Visit ...

FS IDEAL DOLL, 1973, 18" , Open/close Mouth ,cute02/07/14
  IDEAL DOLL, 1973, 18" , Open/close Mouth ,cute
Here is an oldie - IDEAL DOLL from 1973 and she is still sweet. The hair from this time always got a little hard f ...

Ideal Dolls Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Wanted02/11/14
I love the big dolls! I am interested in buying the large playpal dolls. I am especially looking for Bonnie PlayPal. Please contact me if you have any large dolls for sale. Thanks!

WTB Thumbelina Musical Newborn Around 1960's11/17/13
Thumbelina Musical Newborn around 1960's has a music box in her back with a round wooden blue winder knob. Center of body is made of fabric to house the music box. Thank you!

WTB Vintage 1965 Cuddly Kissy 17" Doll06/30/13
I'm looking for vintage 1965 Cuddly Kissy 17" doll by Ideal. Puckers, kissing sound, hugs when tummy is squeezed, and is wearing original pink velvet dress. She has a cloth body.

WTB 1978 Pink Snuggles Doll By Ideal With Pillow07/13/13
Pull string should work

I am searching for a yellow jelly belly doll. She was my very first doll given to me by my grandmother. That doll went EVERYWHERE with me growing up. I now have a little girl of my own and desperately would like to give her a jelly belly doll of her own. Please I will pay top dollar for one! Any information would be greatly appreciated!

WTB April Showers Doll 04/08/13
Hi I am looking for a doll called April showers from 1969. If anyone has one or knows where I Can find one that would be great. I don't mind of the bath is missing but would love the doll with the bath. Thank you

WTB 19" Thumbelina, No Ear Holes03/11/13
Looking for a 19" Thumbelina, no ear holes, in excellent condition that works. Nice hair and face a must. Original clothes a plus.

WTB 1974 Baby Baby Doll Or Accessories & Clothes01/10/13
Baby Baby - a Handful of Love, was sold in 1974. I'm looking for her bathtub or stroller and clothes. I would also purchase another doll in good shape.

WTB WTB: Little Lost Baby11/22/12
I am looking for Little Lost Baby by Ideal, manufactured in 1968. This doll has 3 faces and is wearing a pink snow suite. I lost this doll when I was 8 years old in a flood. This was the only doll that I ever played with and I have been searching for one to give my first grandchild.

WTB WTB: 1982 Blue Sailor Ideal Jelly Belly Doll10/02/12
I am looking for a 1982 Blue Sailor Ideal Jelly Belly Doll (purple punch scent). She was one of my first & favorite dolls when I was a little girl. I would love to have one to pass down to my little girl. Any info on where I can find one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

WTB Baby Dreams Doll - Want For My Little Girl.08/08/12
I had my dolls in the top of my closet and I tried to restore my Baby Dreams (white 1975) for my daughter. I washed the cloth too hard and the head is separating from the body. Then there was white gook on the velvety face which I tried to get off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the eyes are falling backwards. My Shirley Temple is in good condition so I don't know why the Baby Dreams didn't hold up. At any rate I don't think I can save her and I would like to have another for my child. She was my favorite. I named her Peachy. She still has a Garfield band-aid on her knee and her fingernails painted. I don't have many fond memories from my childhood but Peachy was one of them. I would love for my only child to have one.

WTB April Showers Doll03/31/12
I am looking for the April showers doll complete package, bath ect.

WTB WTB: Looking For the 1982 Sailor Jelly Belly03/01/12
I have been searching for the sailor purple jelly belly for years and haven't found it.

WTB Pink Jelly Belly Made By Ideal in the 1980's01/09/12
I am searching for the pink Jelly Belly made by ideal in the early 1980's. Must be in good-excellent condition.

WTB WANTED: 12 Inch Pebbles Flinstone Shirt & Bone12/18/11
My 12 inch Pebbles doll is missing her original bone and shirt. If you have either or both please contact me with full description and price. Thank you

WTB Original Outfit Wanted12/03/11
Would like to have original pink hooded outfit for 1975 Baby Dreams Doll with snaps intact and ribbon at bottom in good shape.

WTB Jelly Belly Doll With Blue Sailors Suit11/27/11
My wife has been looking for this for many years,and I am trying to get this for her for Christmas.If you have one,or know of someone who does,please email me.thanks

WTB Baby Shirley Temple Doll11/14/11
I am looking to buy a cloth/compo baby shirley temple doll. I would like one that needs some TLC, priced reasonable. Thank you! Diana

WTB Wanted10/07/11
I am looking for a set of twin dolls. They were made in the 1950's by Ideal. They were called Pete and Repete. My sister had them as a child, and would like to have them now.

WTB Flossie Flirt Doll Needed 08/18/11
My 94 year old mother was forced to "loan" her Flossie Flirt doll to her younger cousin. It was never returned. Now that she is aging and growing closer to the end of her life, she talks about that loss and her sadness. Her short term memory is not so great, but she remembers everything about that doll and how she loved it and her doll sized baby buggy! I would love to provide her with her old doll as a gift of love and healing for her. Thank you for helping.

WTB Flossie Flirt Doll Needed 02/10/14
My 94 year old mother was forced to "loan" her Flossie Flirt doll to her younger cousin. It was never returned. Now that she is aging and growing closer to the end of her life, she talks about that loss and her sadness. Her short term memory is not so great, but she remembers everything about that doll and how she loved it and her doll sized baby buggy! I would love to provide her with her old doll as a gift of love and healing for her. Thank you for your help.

WTB Curly Ribbons Ideal Cinnamon Doll06/13/11
Hi there I am in search of a 1974 curly ribbons ideal cinnamon doll in good condition. If any one can help me to buy one I would be very thankful. Cheers Cynthia.

WTB Looking For 1960's Pebbles Flintstone Doll06/09/11
My sister is having her 50th birthday this month. Her nickname has always been Pebbles. She had a Pebbles doll when she was little & we'd love to reunite her with one on her birthday!

WTB WHat Doll Do I Have?04/25/11
Ideal doll from the 1950s with hard head. She had soft body and arms. Squeeze body and cries. Right leg softer than left and when squeezed - cries. Plastic molded hair. Open - close eyes with lashes. there is a hole in mouth for a bottle, small holes in nose, and small holes near bridge of nose like tear ducts. doll is about 15 and a half inches long. Looking for information on doll's name and yeAr.

WTB Anything For 8" Ideal Little Betsy Wetsy01/12/11
Looking for little carrying case for 8" Ideal Little Betsy Wetsy; original clothes, dolls, etc. Case has a window in front and marked "Little Betsy Wetsy". May be pink, not sure.

WTB Thumbelina Doll 1970- Ish11/21/10
Looking for a vintage Newborn Thumbelina doll. It came with blonde hair and blue or green one piece tights. I believe the year was 1970 or 1971. If you have one please send pictures.

WTB Wanted: April Showers Doll Made By Ideal 11/14/10
I am looking for a doll made by Ideal and sold in the early 70's. April Showers is her name. She came with a bathtub which water came out through a flower shaped shower attached to the tub. Her arms would splash while bathing and her head would turn from side to side.

WTB Pebbles Doll Outfit Wanted08/13/10
I would like to find the originial outfit for the 1960's ideal Pebbles doll. I have the doll.....but not her outfit. Thank you!

WTB Vintage 14" Thumbelina Clothes Needed07/27/10
I am looking for original clothing for my Thumbelina. She's (he's?) from the early 60's and has a plastic knob on the back. I can read the letters OTT on the neck. Clothes should either be tagged or have a contemporaneous 60's picture of a Thumbelina in the outfit. Thanks so much.

WTB Arms 07/20/10
arms for 1959 ideal bonnie playpal

WTB Original Yellow Knit Outfit For 20" Thumbelina05/09/10
I'm looking for the original yellow knit outfit that the 20" Thumbelina was wearing when I got her back in the early 60's.

WTB Lost Ideal Baby Doll With Flirty Eyes03/04/10
Well, unfortunately, I don't have much to give for one, but I accidently put my beloved antique flirty eyed Ideal doll in the Goodwill box. This doll looks like Big Eyed Baby, but she has flirty sleep eyes (her eyes move). Mine had a self neck repair, I'd love to have that one back. If you have that one or something similar, please let me know. I'm sorry, you won't get rich, but I'd pay you something.

WTB April Showers By Ideal 196903/03/10
Does anyone have an April Showers doll made by Ideal approx 1969 complete with the yellow bath and shower that I could buy. If anyone has just the yellow bath or doll separately I would also be interested in purchasing them.

WTB 1982 Yellow Belly Belly Doll06/26/11
I have been looking for several years for a 1982 yellow jelly belly doll by ideal. I will pay top $$$$ for this doll. I have the blue one but i deperately need the yellow. Help!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

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