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WTB WTB Effanbee Baby Doll 198012/12/15
Looking for a vintage (1980) Effanbee 12" baby doll, "Button Nose". She has moveable eyes, vinyl head, arms and legs and cloth body, usually dressed in rosebud footed pajamas.

WTB Patsy As Glinda From WOZ 2005/6 14"07/14/15
Looking for this 14" Effanbee Patsy as Glinda the good witch from 2005/6 Wizard of Oz collection. Rooted long red curly hair, painted face and large crown, etc.

WTB Wanted 1980 Effenbee Baby Buton Nose12/07/12
1980 effenbee baby button nose or baby lovums or buttercup

WTB 1969 All-Vinyl Butterball Effanbee Doll 11"09/17/12
I am looking to buy a 1969, all-vinyl, Butterball Effanbee doll for my granddaughter, Lucy. This was my 35-year-old daughter's first and favorite doll, and now I would like to give one to my only granddaughter.

WTB Cosette06/04/12
I'm looking for the 1988 Les Miserables Cosette doll by Effanbee.

WTB Wanted: 1950' Effanbee NORMA Doll05/24/12
Norma please come home. I have been looking everywhere for you... Wanted: 1950' Norma Electronic Talking Doll. Her box describes her as "Playmate". Collectors know her as Noma the Electronic Talking doll made by Effanbee. A very large 28" tall, she was able to talk, sing, laugh, and even pray at the touch of a magic button on her battery compartment in her tummy. She was my friend.

WTB Effanbee Baby Doll03/22/12
Button Nose baby doll; made in early 80's, to replace doll chewed by dog.

WTB 1930's W.C. Fields Doll03/27/12
I am looking for a 1930's Effanbee composite W.C. Fields doll....

WTB Wanted: Effanbee Pride Of the South Natchez12/16/11
Looking for mint condition Effanbee Pride of the South Natchez #3332 Need to see pictures before agreeing to buy - Thanks!

WTB Looking For Melodie12/07/11
Hello, I am looking to purchase the Effanbee doll from the 1950's called Melodie. She had a record player in her back with 3 records. I am interested in one that is in great shape and still working, possibly with the original box. Please contact me with any information or leads. Thank You!!

WTB Wanted - Effanbee Baby Doll10/17/11
Looking for vintage (1980's) Effanbee 12" baby doll, called "Button Nose". She has moveable eyes, vinyl head, arms and legs and cloth body and dressed in rosebud footed pajamas.

WTB Looking For09/29/11
effanbee 1940's circa. Dy-dee Ellen, 11 " baby doll.

WTB Vintage Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby Excellent Condition03/08/11
Looking for a 1940's-1950 Dy-Dee baby with supple body and supple rubber ears with caracul wig.

WTB Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby 03/05/11
Dy-Dee baby with good body, no crazing or cracks, with applied ears that are not crumbling. Good face paint and if molded hair, no rubs or very few rubs.

WTB Butterball Doll01/15/11
I want to buy the Effanfee Butterball doll for my daughter she came in a white and pink bonnett and little jacket with a pink bunting blanket, this was my 28 yr. old daughters 1st doll and now she has a baby girl and i would love for Butterball to be my Grandbaby's 1st doll please help

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