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vintage and collectible Barbie dolls you wish to buy, or are looking to sell, then post an ad below. If you are looking to buy, simply post a free Wanted to Buy ad alerting dealers to your wish list. If you are looking to sell, we have options for the dealer with many items as well as non-dealers looking to sell that family heirloom.

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WTB Seeking Green Eared Barbies01/31/13
Am looking for Barbie heads that have the Green Ear Syndrome, in ears, or on face. Please keep prices up to or no more than $10 as these are for experimental purposes. Thank you!

WTB Seeking Vintage Barbie Collection12/20/12
I am very much hoping to find a decent collection of Barbies. Late 60's, 70's and early 80's. My wife's Mother passed away 18 months ago. When we cleaned out the home, her childhood collection was gone. It broke her heart. I would like to try and replace it for her.

WTB Looking For #1 Vintage Barbie Ponytail Doll08/26/12
The #1 Barbie has holes in her feet and has white irises, if u don't have the #1 then the #2 or #3 Would be good too. I'm not a collector I just really want this doll, I'm not rich either do don't give me prices that are way too high. Thanks

SEEKING 1958 PONYTAILED Blond BARBIE. In good shape!

WTB Casting Barbie Collectors04/17/12
Hey Barbie Collectors! I'm casting a new show looking for people with AMAZING HUGE DOLL COLLECTIONS that would love to share their stories. Please email me for more information!

WTB Looking For Medusa Barbie, Will Pay Good Price02/06/12
I am looking for a 2008 medusa barbie, preferably NRFB but deboxed is OK. Will need to be shipped to Europe, pls contact me if you have one for sale.

WTB Buy a Barbie Doll01/28/12
i want to buy barbie that can use for a pagaent like miss barbie dolls

WTB Original 1958 First Barbie Wanted10/04/11
Please contact me ... looking to buy the original 1958 first barbie ever brunette with the white iris and black and white swimsuit with the 2 copper holes in the bottom of her feet.

WTB Seeking 1961 American Flight Attendant Barbie05/09/11
Seeking 1961 American flight attendant Barbie complete w/ outfit

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