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Ashton-Drake Dolls For Sale

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Ad #
Ad Title
FS Daniel and Danelle07/13/16
  Daniel and Danelle
These dolls are so life like that you are expecting them to move or giggle. I now have to part with these dolls, so I wa ...

FS Amanda and Michael07/13/16
  Amanda and Michael
The creator of these dolls certainly caught the essence of their innocent childhood. I now have to part with these dolls ...

FS Ashton Drake - Someone To Watch Over Me 06/11/16
  Ashton Drake - Someone To Watch Over Me
Ashton Drake-Someone to Watch Over Me. Only removed from box to take the picture. Otherwise, has always remained in box. ...

FS Ashton Drake - Diana Princess Of Wales 06/11/16
  Ashton Drake - Diana Princess Of Wales
Ashton Drake-Diana Princess of Wales. Never removed from box. Excellent condition. $80.00 ...

FS Ashton Drake - the Snow Queen 06/11/16
  Ashton Drake - the Snow Queen
Ashton Drake-The Snow Queen. Never been removed from box. Excellent condition. $120.00 ...

FS Ashton Drake - Diana Visionary Of Style 06/11/16
  Ashton Drake - Diana Visionary Of Style
Ashton Drake-Diana Visionary of Style. Never been removed from box. Excellent condition. $140.00 ...

FS Ashton Drake "Sleeping Beauty"06/11/16
  Ashton Drake  "Sleeping Beauty"
Ashton Drake Sleeping Beauty. Never removed from the box. Excellent condition. $80.00 ...

FS Ashton Drake "Jesus Loves Me"06/11/16
  Ashton Drake "Jesus Loves Me"
Ashton Drake "Jesus Loves Me" Has never been removed from box. In excellent condition. $180.00 ...

FS Aston Drake "Belle"06/11/16
  Aston Drake "Belle"
Aston Drake "Belle" Never been removed from box. Excellent condition. $80.00 ...

FS Ashton Drake Dolls. Vintage/Retired 06/11/16
  Ashton Drake Dolls. Vintage/Retired
Cinderella Has never been removed from box. Excellent condition. $40.00 ...

FS Ashton Drake Dolls. Vintage/Retired 06/11/16
  Ashton Drake Dolls. Vintage/Retired
All dolls have never been removed from box, with the exception of the baby to take the picture for the post. ...

FS Little Bo Peep12/06/15
  Little Bo Peep
The edition of 'Little Bo Peep' ended in 1994. This doll is still in the original packaging and box. It contains the Cer ...

FS Joys Of Summer01/17/16
   Joys Of Summer
Tickles, Having a Ball; Lil Scoop; Lil Squirt; and Yummy; NRB; pictures available.$15.00 each plus S&H. Paypal is cash o ...

FS Ashton Drake 1999 Baby Mickey and Baby Minnie05/04/15
  Ashton Drake 1999 Baby Mickey and Baby Minnie
Sold separetely or together .. Have both babies with certificates in original shipping box .. brand new untouched ...

FS Ashton Drake 1999 Just Like Bugs05/04/15
   Ashton Drake 1999 Just Like Bugs
Have the certificate and the doll in the original shipping box and all .. brand new untouched ...

Ashton-Drake Dolls Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Soo Truly Real Leah, Destiny and Naomi.12/07/15
I am looking for these 3 African American dolls, Leah, Destiny and Naomi dolls by Ashton Drake, Lorna Miller Sands. I am also looking for Tevin boy doll by Laura Tuzio-Ross for Masterpiece dolls. Thanks

WTB Silicone Lilly Rose Baby Doll 10/18/15
I am looking for a baby doll she is silicone she was for sale in 2011she was sold by ashtondrake she was called lilly rose andif enyone has one for sale or whair I can buy one from I live in halifax west Yorkshire England can you get in touch please

WTB Rose Of Hope08/02/15
I am looking for the first issue in the Rose of Hope collection designed exclusively for The Ashton-Drake Galleries. I number on the tag is 37770-HT

WTB Reborn Katie By Linda Webb??07/28/15
She is a dream baby of mine. I would do anything to have her to go with Charlie! If you have any info, or one for sale please let me know! Thank you. (:

WTB Doll Playing Flute02/16/15
Ashton Drake Flute doll.....this doll came with a wooden stand, a flute, and she wore a green velvet dress. It would be about twenty years old.

WTB Annabella By Emily Kaufman02/12/15
looking for this bride doll. "Annabella" by Emily Kaufman

WTB Ashton Drake Doll [jillian] By Artist Elly Knoops02/04/15
looking for ashton drake doll [ jillian ] by artist elly knoops thanks

WTB Jillian02/04/15
looking for ashton drake doll [jillian] by artist Elly Knoops #03-01252-001-1-75/00 thank you

WTB Cindy McClure Doll -Power Of His Love - Native Am09/07/14
Would like to buy this doll in new condition .

WTB Leah Lorner Miller Sands09/04/14
i am looking for the afro american baby doll soft vynal silicone her name is leah i have naomi and destiny her sisters she is by lorna miller sands

WTB Ashton Drake Tiny Tears Vinyl Repro Doll 01/04/14
Hello, I'm looking for the 13.5" vinyl reproduction of the tiny tears doll by the Ashton drake galleries. Prefer excellent condition. Thanks =)

WTB Ashton Drake "Katie" Doll By Linda Webb11/08/13
Hi! I am looking to buy an Ashton Drake "Katie" doll by Linda Webb, twin to "Charlie," for a friend of mine. I'd like her to be new in box with a price range of about $80 to $110, in absolute perfect, undamaged condition with her hair fully intact. Does anyone have any info? Thank you.

WTB Retired Doll - Ashton-Drake11/02/13
I am looking for an Ashton-Drake doll made in 1992, titled, "Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining". She is a baby doll and looks exactly like one of my now-grown daughters.

WTB Alex Arms Required09/02/13
I have damaged my 21ins ashton drake dolls hands, he is the alex doll and if anybody has these limbs for sale or is selling an alex, spares or repairs, I would be very greatful, thanks

WTB Haona's Spirit Comb Native American 27 Inch Doll08/31/13
We are looking for one of the 27 inch Native American dolls by Ashton-Drake in the Paths of the Silken Spirit Collection. Thank you!

WTB Katie Doll By Linda Webb02/10/13
It would mean the world to me if you or someone you know is willing to give me this doll so I can give it to my sister.I am jaida and I am looking for a doll for my twin sister who has stage 2 breast cancer.I'm
in urgent need because I can't find this doll anywhere.I am hoping to find it from this site before it is too late. My sister is trying to fight it off and I need this doll to encourage her.I have charlie he is katies twin sister both by linda webb and ashton drake . If you have any information concerning katie plz contact me. thank you and have a very blessed day:-)

WTB Ashton Drake 11/14/12
Looking for a Ashton Drake doll with a baseball outfit. I think her name is Johnnie Lynn.

WTB Looking For Harriot09/23/12
I'm looking for hats off to harriot she is the larger version of the two she is about 20" inches there about the other harriot is 10 " inches I looking for the larger one. shes chubby faced; wears a big hat soft bodied and vinyl limbs I believe she was a 2006 or 2007 doll.

WTB Want To Buy Tiny Tears Doll #SKU 32924100109/03/12
Some time ago I ordered an Ashton Drake Tiny Tears doll. When it came it didn't look like Tiny Tears, maybe Betsy Wetsy (?). I just learned that the doll I wanted exists and I would like to buy it if I could. Thanks!

WTB Looking For Celebrate the Seasons Of Life08/06/12
I am looking the the celebrate the seasons of life dolls I have soyala and would like the rest

WTB Looking For Retired Ashton Drake 1997 Ballerina 08/03/12
Looking for the ethnic 1997 ballerina that moves around on a musicbox.

WTB Looking For Name07/02/12
Hi, have just received a doll (sorry don't know where else to go to find out). It says 1991 Ashton-Drake on his back leg. He is wearing a tartan nightgown, and a nightcap with a tartan rim on it. He is standing up with a brown slipper (not sure if there is meant to be two or not)Brown hair and brown eyes, approx 15cm-20cm. Trying to find out his name!

WTB Best Of Friends06/08/12
Looking for "Best of Friends" by Ashton-Drake

WTB WTB05/16/12
Ebony and Ivory by Liz Greenwood through Ashton Drake Galleries

WTB Ashton-Drake African American "Ellie" Baby Doll03/20/12
I am interested in acquiring the Ashton-Drake African American "Ellie" Baby Doll from a few years ago. I don't know the artist name and would also like that information. Thank you

WTB Katie Linda Webb03/19/12
I am looking to buy a Katie doll by Linda Webb.

WTB Charliebear03/08/12
would like to hear from colectors of dolls of how to buy and sell to the right market polcilin , mother and child edwardian period

WTB Eeyore Doll03/01/12
I am looking for an Ashton Drake Cuddle-Me-Eeyore doll in mint condition.

WTB Looking For "Summer" in Love Knows No Season02/22/12
I am looking for the Summer doll in Ashton Drakes Love Knows No season Collection.

WTB Reborn02/19/12
A realistic reborn baby doll. Breathing with pacifier 22 inches, or the most realistic baby substitute available.

WTB Looking For Carrie!12/30/11
Hi there! I am trying to reunite a family of bears. They are from 1997, from Ashton Drake, and they are the "Love and Marriage" collection. I already have Sam, with his rose bouquet, and Katherine, with her hatbox, but I really need to find Carrie, the baby in her carriage. Anyone know of where I can find her? My Google searches and Ebay excursions haven't panned out. Thanks for your help!

WTB Classice Brides Of the Century "Jennifer"12/26/11
Hi I am looking for Ashton Drake porcelain Brides of the century named Jennifer who is the 1980's I believe it was WS Roman or WS Smith, but not the doll the porcelain one.

WTB Want To Buy Angel Ballerina Doll11/13/11
I would like to purchase the Ashton Drake-Ann Timmerman angel-ballerina doll "Not So Shy Violet" to complete my collection. She was the third doll issued in the 2002 Heavenly Recital Series.

WTB Wanted11/08/11
Ashton drake Doll (Cuddle me Eeyore)

WTB Ashton Drake BABY ORANGE SUNSET Doll Yolanda Bello11/06/11
The little blonde girl in an orange dress is the completing piece to my "Rainbow babies" collection. I found her on ebay, but seller is unwilling to ship to canada.

WTB "Katie" By Linda Webb09/29/11
I'm looking for "Katie" from Ashton Drake,by Linda Webb.I have Charlie and would love to find Katie to go with him.

WTB So Tired is Little Taylor09/20/11
newborn little taylor by artist tinneke janssens.

WTB So Truly Real Doll09/09/11
I need the last of the series Ashton Drake So Truly Real Early Arrivals by Tinneke. The # is 300063005. It is a girl and it is dressed in a lavender cap and booties with a white diaper.

WTB It's a Girl 1993 08/18/11
looking for it's a girl doll from ashton drake by joyce wolf...with or with out box and papers

WTB Wanted08/11/11
nrl dolls by bonnie chyle parramatta eels and cronulla sharks

WTB 3090605/14/11
I am looking for a Hispanic looking doll. She is laying on her stomach with one leg up. Her hair is dark brown and is put up on the top of her head. She came out in the Ashton-Drake collection in the early to mid 90's

WTB Annette Funicello Mousketeer Doll05/11/11
I would like to find this doll which is no longer available through Bradford Exchange. Thank you.

WTB Madame Alexander Red Hat Lady Series05/03/11
Looking for 2005 Madame Alexander porcelain dolls: "If the Hat Fits, Wear It" and "It's A Matter of Attitude."

WTB Wanted- 2006 Ashton Drake Doll Picture Perfect #4 Huti Baby04/28/11
I would like to purchase the 2006 ashton drake doll picture perfect #4 Item- 03-00448-004 The artist is Tinneke Jannsen. She is 22" and wore a pink top with hood. " So Truly Real Dolls" Huti Baby doll

WTB Looking For Baby Hope By Ashton Drake02/20/11
I am interested in purchasing the Baby Hope cancer awareness doll.She is an Ashton Drake doll. She was in a collection of three dolls called Faith, Hope, and Charity.I believe she was issued in 2002. Hope is a large 24- inch baby doll.She is wearing a pink dress with flowers. Hope has a little ribbon around her head. She also has a pink sweater with the breast cancer symbol on it.She is a So Truly Real vinyl baby doll.I would appreciate any help in finding her.

WTB Built Ford Tough02/05/11
this boy doll is kneeling beside a truck the doll is titled built ford tough. i believe it retired in the late 90's. it has blond hair i believe the sweater is blue and the truck is red or visa versa

WTB Emily Annes Busy Day Doll By Alex Tsalikhin01/11/11
Hi there, I am looking to find and purchase Emily Annes busy day doll by Alex Tsalikhin. She is the first in this series and has her own walker and teddy bear. If anyone out there has this doll for sale I would love to hear from you. Best wishes, Susan

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