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FS Chippewa Indian Doll01/12/18
   Chippewa Indian Doll
this doll was made by the chippewa Indians in Wisconsin in the 1950s she stands 8" and is warring the native dress, deer ...

FS Daisy, Rose and Violet07/13/16
  Daisy, Rose and Violet
These 3 young maidens have added a sense of grace and Sophistication to my home for many years. I now have to part with ...

Antique Dolls Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Drake Ashton Porcelain Vintage Dolls With Certific09/27/16
WTB: Drake Ashton porcelain vintage dolls with certificates

WTB Replace Beloved Ballerina Doll04/28/16
I am looking for a replacement for my beloved ballerina doll from the 50's. She had beautiful blonde hair, was very shapely, had all movable joints. She wore a pink tule tutu and pink rubbery ballet slippers that tied around her ankles. I don't think she was a Barbie, but I have never been able to find a replacement. When I was 12 years old my mother told me to put away my dolls forever. I couldn't resist styling my ballerina's doll hair, so I got her down and played with her. Mother caught me with her, so she made me burn all of my dolls in our big trash barrel. We lived in a rural area. I loved my mother dearly, but I thought that was cruel then, and I still think it was incredibly mean. I would love to have another doll just like her to put on display. I don't know what company made her, but she wasn't a childish looking doll. She was beautiful. Can anyone identify this doll from the 1950's?

WTB Spank Me I Cry12/20/14
I am searching for a 1963 sears spank name I cry doll she has on a red and white outfit with the word here on her hips

WTB Would Like To Buy All Barbie Dolls From 50s To70s01/16/17
would like to buy mid 50s to mid 70s barbies in good condition

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