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Posted by Robyn on May 07, 2015 at 17:59:31:

Wanted Free Summerhouse Dollhouse With 60's Furnit

Wanted to Buy:

hi my mom is a amputee so she cant walk and she wants to make a dollhouse with me , the problem is she cant go to store to store and we hardly have any extra money for extra things, we would love a summer house dollhouse like in the 60's with 60's furniture a small bar table with stools,a bed big enough for 4 to 9 inch dolls ,all kinds of cool 60's furniture,extra dollhouse dolls from the 60's all rubber bendable men and women babies kids white and black families,about 4 inches tall or taller dollhouse sizes,extra accessories,play miniature food a lot.a refrigerator and freezer that opens with miniature food that is removeable.dishes ,small cars 4 inch dollhouse dolls can ride in,toilet the lid opens,cabinets that open,living room furniture,bedroom furniture,dining rom furniture,kids rom furniture,play room furniture,patio furniture,entertainment room furniture babies room furniture ,small rubber abies or any kind of small abies,extra dollhouse dolls clothes for women 4 inches,men,kids,babies ,aand shoes thyat will fit them,anyone has this house with everything 60's and all the dolls and stuff I mentioned that can you give away free please contact me so you can send in the mail.i live in Ocala fla.can you help make my moms and my wish come true.god bless


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