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Doll House "Lawbre Chateau" By Bonnie Broel

For Sale:

From The House of Broel Collection
This item has been on display in the world renowned House of Broel Dollhouse Museum that is a wonderland of intricate treasures that have to be seen to be believed. It is a very fine piece that is in mint condition because after its creation it has only been on display and never handled. A description will follow from the designer and collector, Bonnie Broel.
After building my first dollhouse from a kit I realized how much time, expense and effort went into finishing and furnishing it, so I decided that if I were going to do another one it would be high quality. Since I was a newcomer to the dollhouse world I did some research – long before the internet and discovered that the highest quality dollhouses were built by The Lawbre Company. I decided that I wanted nothing but the best in my collection and I would finish it and furnish it with the best!!
My first custom prebuilt house was The Lawbre Company’s Chateau. It is a French inspired country house designed by Daniel L. McNeil. The curved staircase is the special feature of the entrance hall. It has three floors and 12 rooms. I bought it because it reminded me so much of many of the stately mansions along St. Charles Avenue here in New Orleans. I wanted to portray what might have been happening in that type of house during the 1800’s. On the left hand side of the first floor “Mammy” from “Gone with the Wind” complete with her red petticoat (created by Camille Maher) is standing in the kitchen that is filled with wonderful copper pots, sacks of food, and a spinning wheel. In the forefront a dog is getting ready to devour some sausages that are in a basket. Next to the kitchen is the esquisite dining room with decorative panels on the walls. A table set for royalty includes such delicacies as caviar and artichokes. The hallway features a lady in a peach taffeta antebellum gown standing at the bottom of the graceful circular staircase. At the front door the butler is getting ready to open the door for her. I hand painted the two story hall with a woodland scene featuring mountains and trees. The next room is an elegant golden parlor with velvet chairs and chaise. A flirtatious Southern Belle in a gown of white batiste adds personality to the room. On the far right is my favorite masculine room. It is the music room with a grand piano and music stand where a Southern Colonel stands at the fireplace with his brandy and brandy snifter. Adding to the setting there is a box of cigars and a model ship on the mantelpiece. In the right forefront of the room sits a desk with a Venetian blown glass multicolored paper weight and decorative lamp.
On the second floor the bedroom on the left has blue and ivory striped wallpaper, an ivory satin bed and a lovely lady dressed in a blue satin and ivory lace antebellum gown. (The doll is by Rosemary Tucker and she used a lace handkerchief from the House of Broel Bridal Salon to make the gown). She is looking over the cradle to see about her baby. The accent pieces of furniture in the room were hand made by Hal Weston and hand painted by his wife. Many fine accessories complete the setting. In the second floor hallway another exquisitely gowned doll stands at the top of the staircase. The pale green parlor on the right hand side of the second floor features a peach and green satin and floral stripe sofa. The doll in the room is another by Rosemary Tucker that also wears a House of Broel ivory lace handkerchief gown accented with peach rosebuds and ribbon. The exquisite sewing table on the far right front of the room has a lovely landscape oil painting on top. And my very favorite vignette is on the Oriental table in the middle of the room. It is a cat looking at a bird that is perched on a basket of dried flowers.
On the third floor the bathroom scene features, striped wallpaper, porcelain fixtures with gold trim and a feathered hat and ivory gown on mannequins. In the foreground a necklace in a gift box sits on a small table and two beautiful oil paintings of lovely ladies are on each side of the dormer. In the center room there is a hand painted dressing table and chair made by Hal Weston and a gorgeous keepsake box by Rosemary Tucker. Grandpa by the door on the right was hand crafted by Camille Maher. The most magnificent room on the third floor is a lavish little girl’s fantasy. Again the hand painted furniture in the room is by Hal Weston. The Rosemary Tucker little girl on the left is wearing her special white mink hat and muff. A keepsake box in the foreground is also by Rosemary Tucker. The bed is a magnificent work of art with a pink satin draped canopy, rushed ivory back panel, ivory lace trims, and a pink satin bedspread over a pleated dust ruffle. It is signed, Donna ’83.
This is a fantastic house to add to any collection.
Width: house only 57 in. with side yards 75 in.
Depth: house only 22 in. with front yard 28 in.
Height: to chimneys 36 in. with back roof up 45 in.
Weight: 175 lbs.

Condition: Pre Owned

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Price: $78,995.00

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