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Posted by Minibeargems on January 16, 2017 at 13:57:13:

Doll House "House Of All Seasons" By Bonnie Broel

For Sale:

This item has been on display in the world renowned House of Broel Dollhouse Museum that is a wonderland of intricate treasures that have to be seen to be believed. It is a very fine piece that is in mint condition because after its creation it has only been on display and never handled.

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These are the first four pictures of this enchanting dollhouse painted in rust, peach and ivory – front of house closed - front of house open – picture of the entrance hall with its beamed ceiling, striped wallpaper and fringed cornices features a regal lady in a coral taffeta gown that matches the moiré peach covered sofa and chairs – picture of the bathroom above with hand painted coral ribbons on the walls featuring a lovely redhead drawing a bath.
The first picture is of the Christmas side of the house. The next one is of the kitchen on the first floor. Yummy Christmas goodies including a gingerbread house and cakes are on the table, pies are on the stove, eggs are on the cutting board and there’s a cat with spilled milk. Decorative plates with winter scenes adorn the picture rail around the top of the room. The butler has his apron on until he is ready to serve dinner to the family.
The next picture is of the Christmas sitting room on the second floor. There is a Santa Claus punch bowl and candles on the table and a Victorian style Christmas tree (not pictured). A miniature Tiffany style lamp, folding screen and fireplace screen add to the décor. The charming hostess wears a green and red plaid gown with ivory lace ruffles. This lovely doll is one of the first ones I bought at a show in New York and couldn’t believe I spent so much on a miniature doll. But I have had years of enjoyment from her - so she was worth it.
This first picture is of the three story side of the house that has many activities going on.
The next picture is of the downstairs parlor that looks through to the entrance hall. It features a green velvet sofa and matching chairs. There is a bucket of champagne on the center table and at the right of the room a Tiffany style lamp sits on the table in the alcove.
Next is the picture of the dining room that looks through to the kitchen at the back of the room and to the parlor on the right of the room. The round mahogany table is surrounded by matching chairs with red velvet seats. The plates, cups and saucers are a nice shade of pink mixed with green plates and goblets. There are small bowls of strawberries at each place setting. The next picture shows the second and third floors of the three story section of the house. Below left you find the idea of a doll who owns dolls, an adorable blond girl saying her good night prayers with her guardian angel looking on. Pink ballet slippers hang on the washstand and there is a white tulle tutu in the armoire. This little girl might be asking God to make her a famous ballerina when she grows up. The mahogany furniture is hand carved and hand painted. The bed is dressed in pink satin with white lace trim and has a lovely white batiste night gown draped over it. The chandelier has hand painted flowers on it and be sure to notice the three Kewpie dolls riding in a gilded wagon. It’s one of my favorite pieces and one that I added just two years ago.
The room on the right features a charming gal in her ivory silk and lace lingerie putting the finishing touches on the curls in her intricate hairdo before she puts on one of the gowns off the mannequins in her room. The blue and ivory dressing table and chair are exquisitely hand painted with a tiny floral design and the bed is dressed in powder blue satin with ivory lace trim. This room looks into a hallway that features a stained glass window.
The next picture is a detail of the top floor and is my favorite of all the scenes in all of my dollhouses. On the right-hand side is an Easter egg tree and many fine Easter items including some “see into” sugar eggs that have tiny scenes inside. The bed is dressed in powder blue polished cotton trimmed with lace and has a matching skirted table. On the left-hand side of the room next to the bed is a pink puppet show. Closer to the front a young girl is walking her doll in a hand woven baby carriage, a blond baby boy has fallen asleep on top of a book and there is a wooden duck signed A. Elberfeld, 1985. A dog signed by Gail Morey wears a pointy pink hat and carries a present in his mouth to go to the birthday party in the room on the left. There is a birthday cake on the pink skirted table in that room and right next to it there is a little girl with a tear in her eye because she didn’t get to ride on Grandpa’s back. On the right-hand side of the room there is a hand painted bed with a matching tray and blanket holder. To the rear of the room there are two dollhouses that are within the dollhouse. Behind them is the turret room that has pink curtains with lace trim, a chandelier and a table with a dried flower arrangement on it. There are wonderful accessories on the piano and on the floor – a hobby horse, pull toys, dolls, etc. The fantastic hand made player piano on the left has a brass plaque on the bottom signed R. Freeman. Please zoom in to see all of the fabulous details in this third floor fantasy!
Weight 162 lbs, Height 44 in. to top of spire and 46 in. to top of third floor open roof, Width 36 in, Depth 34 in.

Condition: Pre Owned

Price: $149,000.00

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