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Posted by Minibeargems on January 16, 2017 at 13:46:33:

Liberace Room Box "Liberace & Friend"

For Sale:

From The House of Broel Collection
For your buying consideration is this exquisite Liberace Room Box. Is one of a kind masterpiece.
This item has been on display in the world renowned House of Broel Dollhouse Museum that is a wonderland of intricate treasures that have to be seen to be believed. It is a very fine piece that is in mint condition because after its creation it has only been on display and never handled. A description will follow from the designer and collector, Bonnie Broel. Artist Bonnie Broel says "This room box is my favorite because I was such a fan of Liberace. I had the pleasure of seeing him in person here in New Orleans with his dancing fountain in the seventies. Being the designer that I am, when I went to Las Vegas in the late nineties I just had to visit the Liberace Museum to see in person all his fabulous, outrageous costumes. When I saw the signature miniature porcelain piano in the gift shop I just had to buy it. Then, of course, I needed to commission a doll artist that could make a Liberace look alike. In my zeal I asked two artists to make dolls and both of them came through. So I call my vignette “Liberace and Friend”. I dressed “The Friend” in a gold lame suit outlined with a black and gold trim, a ruffle shirt and a stunning silver and white brocade cape embellished with silver and white beaded trim and faux fur. I dressed Liberace himself in a gold lame suit trimmed with gold and burgundy braid with ruffled lace cuffs, and a magnificent black, gold and burgundy paisley brocade cape outlined with rich gold braid. Then I put the whole ensemble on an elegant hand woven needlepoint carpet in a handsome wooden display case with a mirror back"
Weight: 9 lb. Net weight.
Dimensions: w 18", d 13.75", h 12.5"

Condition: Pre Owned

Price: $2,250.00

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